Monday, December 17, 2007


Ack! I've been meaning to post for a week-plus! A couple weeks back I got a hold of the PILOT to the upcoming new Terminator series "THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES". I went in with low expectations, yet an open mind (no, seriously).

Man, overall I rather enjoyed it! I know, right?

The show takes place a couple years after T2. LENA HEADEY (300) plays a great Sarah, although she's not nearly as super-soldier-buff as Linda Hamilton was, but its ok because she can act and brings something to the character. The kid they got for JOHN seems ok to me as well... I can believe that he was once the younger Edward Furlong and has grown since (read: still slightly whiney-annoying, but maturing quickly).

While flawed and definitely TELEVISION (on FOX), I found very few things that bugged me. Those things being... the young female Terminator that teams-up with Sarah and John. The ROLE itself bugs me. However, there's no getting around it, so I'm thankful they cast SUMMER GLAU ("Rain" on Firefly) who does a good job. There's also a handful of moments that made me laugh and groan, but then I reminded myself its Television and just rolled with them (you'll see). And then there's the whole "Another Terminator(s) timetraveling back to kill John" plot device... this has been done to death already and I really don't want to see it every episode. Which leads me to "where can they take this"?

As a stand-alone episode, I really enjoyed it and look forward to checking out future episodes. My concerns now are with how the show holds week-in/week-out. Can they push the story without relying on "Terminator of the Week" guest appearances? Can it be interesting and entertaining WITHOUT Terminators? I guess we'll soon find out.

In the end, as a TELEVISION series, it has potential and so far has my viewership. If anything, the pilot alone was sooooo much better than the travesty that was TERMINATOR 3. So check it out in January 2008 when it airs.... and remember, IT'S TELEVISION!

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