Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Jeepers! Check out this new ALIENS relief model kit!!! Holy crap, it looks frickin' amazing!!! I MUST HAVE IT!!!! Sadly, I suck at painting models, especially something like this. Hmmm, maybe I can find someone who can and pay them! Or maybe I could be super duper lucky and its a pre-painted model.... some investigation is necessary on this one. Anyway, I think this bad boy is one of the best ALIENS sculpts I've ever seen. I really do need to get it.... it's $157 from Japan... click HERE if you want to buy it for me for Christmas.
UPDATE: Its unassembled and
unpainted. They'll assemble and paint for you for $500. I've been weeping for
On the site, they also have another model of the Alien from Alien: Resurrection. While I'm not a fan of those "Pumpkinhead Aliens", I do think this is a nicely put together model.

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