Wednesday, December 19, 2007



Unknown said...


This Photo Diary is great! I am a Canadian teacher in an international school in West Africa. My classes have been creating photo diaries all year, with your's as inspiration. We are studying the changes in human faces, and your video is proof of everything we learned. I just thought I should thank you for sharing it. My students had difficulty ensuring that their photos were exactly in the same position each time... how did you do it?

Jim said...

Hi, Sherrie! Thanks for posting! Unfortunately the video clip is NOT me. It's a clip I found on the Net. In regards to the same position, I imagine it was a matter of painstakenly hand lining up the eyes for each picture... or something to that effect. Your shcool project sounds very interesting and exciting for the students!

Unknown said...

Cool video. My students love it. I found it on YouTube now and hopefully the guy will answer my question.