Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I've posted before that NECA Toys now has the rights to make toys based on ALIEN and AVP-R (AVP2). Scott King sent me a cool article where one of the NECA dudes talks about their plans with the licenses. This week they've released some pics of the ALIEN WARRIOR from AVP-R which looks really nice - the figure, not the shitty movie. The figure looks like a nice amalgam of Stan Winston's Alien (head) with some Resurrection elements thrown in; end of tail, back tubes and some shoulder shape. I do like that they have returned the creature's legs back to their normal shape; non-bilateral. Not quite too keen on the giant neck goider, tho.

But what's really exciting is he said they are making an extremely realistic 18-inch figure of the original Alien! YES!!!

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does some really nice work. I loved their HELLRAISER figures. They also have done nice work on their figures based on 300, Harry Potter, Lost Boys and others.


Anonymous said...

I honestly wouldn't even know what to do with figures if I were to buy them. Do you just have a room that's shelves and shelves of figures and busts? Do you have them displayed nicely or what? What does the misses think of them all?

Jim said...

Ok, honestly I have a lot in boxes sadly in storage... you know, for that one day when I have a house of my own with geek room... oh, it will happen... it will happen.... maybe. I have statues on 3 shelves, and toys on a 4th. When we get a bigger apartment, I'd like to get another bookshelf that would just house toys and statues. The Misses is very understanding and keeps me somewhat grounded in reality. Otherwise, I fear (wish) my place would look like a comic book store. SOMEDAY!!!!! hehehe. Maybe I'll take pics sometime and post what I currently have out. Oh, and I have some at work. :)

Scott King said...

That could be a neat series of post to do. "Smash Mystery Box of Toys" and to randomly pull out of a figure form a box and then tell the story behind it. You can do like one post a week or maybe a post every tuesday or thursday until you run out of toys/figures.