Monday, April 23, 2007


The Amalgamated Dynammics dudes are putting out another book showcasing their creature work for AVP2. They have another book from the first AVP and I recommend picking it up. Again, the movie is shitsville but the book is quite nice. The pic above is a sample from the new book, due out in december. The top/left pic looks to be a Predator from AVP2. The 2 bottom/left are from AVP and the first Predator. But its the large RIGHT pic that made me post. Its what the Alien is going to look like in AVP2. They've gone back to the James Cameron/Stan Winston look from ALIENS, but made some adjustments.... adjustments that screw it up. They're still doing the NON-Biomechanical look and sticking with THEIR more ORGANIC look. Gone are the cool sinewy tendins of the mouth you can see in Giger's version and Cameron/Winston's. The lame human lips are still there, a remnant from Alien3 and on. And while I love the head from ALIENS (no dome), they've altered it enough for me not to be giddy. Bah. Atleast it looks better than Resurrection and AVP1 Aliens... but that's not saying much. I'll still pick up the book as I love seeing behind-the-scenes creature fx stuff. Like I said, their first AVP was cool. But every "ALIEN Outing" post-ALIENS kills a piece of my soul.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

I agree that the Aliens have gone more organic since Alien 3, they also seem to cover them in quite a layer of slime like in Alien Resurrection.

Jim said...

I know, right?! argh!!! (re: over use of slime)