Monday, April 30, 2007


("PREDATOR QUEEN" sculpted by Joe Dunaway.)
The Playboy boobs are a bit much, but besides that, I dig this custom. The Samurai homage armor is cool and works well with the Sci-Fi helmet design. Her face feels more like the first Predator movie version, which I prefer, and has some mean attitude. I think he did a great job in the skin texture and painting. I like the skin texture of her neck - its a nice touch to remind you this is an alien creature, not a stripper in costume (again, look past the playboy boobs).
Speaking of alien... I normally don't like seeing Predators standing over the dead body of an Alien, primarily because I don't give Predators that much credit, heh. Occassionally, its cool, but come on. Anyway, I really like Joe's stylistic touch on the ALIEN. Putting your own spin on the creature and have it still work is very difficult. And even though the back tubes are missing (ala ALIEN 3 version), I still like this alien very much. The predator being the QUEEN of the Tribe allows me to accept its demise..... I guess.
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she's hot.
I'll do her. yeah I'll do her!

Anonymous said...

WoW she is hot i wish they would put here in the moves....and those play boy breast are perfect. and hell i would leave the paper bag off her