Monday, April 23, 2007


"Just imagine the looks on your neighbors faces when you rumble into the midst of their
barbecue in a Panzer,and paste the beer cooler with your 37mm potato cannon.
That'll teach 'em to drink Canadian beer on the 4th of July."

That's right, this [overtly patriotic?] dude made a working 1/5 Scale SHERMAN TANK for his son!! God I wish I had one of those when I was a kid... or several of em - fuck the lame Neighborhood BMX Gang!! Hell, I want one of those NOW!! And by "those" I mean both the tanks and the tank gang. Who's with me?

He shows you how to build your own HERE.
*thanks, Jason!


Anonymous said...

My original comment has disapeared!

Anonymous said...

Some one at my work is posting comments under one of my variations of the Breonitron...
I guess it'll be a while before I post a comment again....Tell WOO2

Jim said...

Please release the breonatron name back to it's rightful owner.

Breona... please continue to post! JimSmash needs you!!!!