Monday, April 16, 2007


Quick Movie News I wanted to share:

1) Variety is reporting that EDWARD NORTON has signed on to play BRUCE BANNER in the upcoming HULK Do-Over. Hmmmm, interesting. I liked him in Fight Club.... Just so long as the Hulk looks like Shrek and they stay far away from the source material.... (sigh)

2) The Hollywood Reporter is saying LAWRENCE KASDEN has been hired to write CLASH OF THE TITANS Remake script. I've gone off before how I think a remake of this is blasphemy, so I'll spare you my rant again (you're welcome). Kasden has delivered some nice scripts before with RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. So, you know, there's that I suppose.


Anonymous said...

hang on a sec. theyre REmaking Clash of the Titans, and doing ANOTHER Hulk? what gives? somebody on the whaky tabaccy in hollywoodland??

Jim said...

Marvel has said that this HULK "sequel" is really more like a "REDO" as they did not like what Ang Lee did with his movie.

Regarding Clash..... yeah, fucking stupid and insulting. ARGH!!!

Lisa said...

This will be the first time Hulk has facial hair.