Wednesday, April 18, 2007


From MovieBlog.....
Ok, a bit of background here. A while back George Lucas hired Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption) to write the script for the new Indiana Jones 4 flick. Darabont spent a year on it, and apparently he and Steven Spielberg loved it. So they took it to Lucas, and George turned it down flat.

Darabont is now publicly blasting George Lucas for turing down his script:

“It was a tremendous disappointment and a waste of a year,” Darabont told MTV. “It showed me how badly things can go. I spent a year of very determined effort on something I was very excited about, working very closely with Steven Spielberg and coming up with a result that I and he felt was terrific. He wanted to direct it as his next movie, and then suddenly the whole thing goes down in flames because George Lucas doesn’t like the script.”

“I told him he was crazy. I said, ‘You have a fantastic script. I think you’re insane, George.’ You can say things like that to George, and he doesn’t even blink. He’s one of the most stubborn men I know.”

Darabont's script was about: Indy investigating UFOs in the ’50s.
Thank you, Lucas!
Thank you!!!!!
UPDATE: Ok, so this news is being disputing by different parties. *shrug*


Anonymous said...

the accuracy of the above is in doubt:

regardless, id take Spielbergs opinion over Lucas any day. According to Spielberg, it was, i quote, "a wonderful screenplay".

Lucas *did* say that TESB was the weakest of the Star Wars. the man wouldnt know a good script if it came & bit him on the ass. i guess ill wait & see, itll all come out in the wash.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I read both Spielberg and Ford loved Darabont's script and this is the first mention I've read of any Aliens !! You sure you haven't just posted an April fool a bit late or very very early ? :)