Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It's official....

is the new Cpt KIRK in JJAbrams' upcoming Star Trek remake/reimaging.

Pretty boy. Kidding aside,
I hope he can pull it off.


Robiscus said...

aah, yes. a pretty young man hand picked by Bryan Singer. deja vu.
did they meet at a hot tub party? Is Mr Singer going to attach a drool cup under the lens he looks through?

actually i think Bryan Singer is an excellent director, but his reputation of behaving like the whole world is a meat market precedes him greatly.

...and that kid doesn't look like a Captain. he looks like a Calvin Klein model.

Robiscus said...

uh duh -

i read the title wrong and thought Singer was doing the new Star Trek movie. you were making a joke.

obviously, i'm only one sip into my coffee when i check into JIM SMASH!

Jim said...

"....i'm only one sip into my coffee when i check into JIM SMASH!"

As it should be for everyone! Start YOUR day with JimSmash! (er, and check back throughout the day, too!)

Anonymous said...

Singer is a descent director,..but he lacks imagination and "vision" when it comes to his super-hero movies. He should just stick to melodramas. Action, imagination, and suspending the disbelief is not for him.....(see Superman and his X-men movies) he just doesn't get it.