Monday, October 01, 2007


Japanese scientists have created the first transparent four-legged creature. Lead researcher Masayuki Sumida, professor at the Institute for Amphibian Biology at Hiroshima University, says"You can see through the skin how organs grow, how cancer starts and develop. You can watch organs of the same frog over its entire life as you don't have to dissect it. The researcher can also observe how toxins affect bones, livers and other organs at lower costs."

The transparent frog is the result of breeding two specimens of Japanese brown frog (Rana japonica) that had a genetic mutation giving them pale skin.

No word yet on how go get some for pets, which would rule. Also, we do all realize that we will most likely see a transparent human in our lifetime, right? At the very least, a transparent dog or some other large mammal.....ooooh, transparent Elephants!!!!!!!


crookymike said...

Transparent fish currently available, I think they're called glass fish.
WHOA! What if they were used to create invisible sharks?

Jim said...

Invisible Sharks!!!!!!
Crookymike gets a prize for that one!!!
Someone start writing a script, too!