Wednesday, October 03, 2007


NATALIE PORTMAN is in a new movie called "The Other Boleyn Girl".

I have no idea what its about, but she looks fantastic in that poster.

So much so, I psychotically photoshopped out the other actors (yeah, I know, creepy right?).

There's only room for sweet sweet Natalie, chumps.

To see the original poster,
click HERE. I love her.


spaceJASE said...

left boobie lighting so wrong copy of right boobie.

not that i was looking at boobies...

your love falters - not even caring enough to give the boobies appropriate lighting.



spaceJASE said...

(HER left - not yours)

Jim said...

The fact that I removed the other people AND took the time to haphazardly remove the dude's hand from her chest.... was more than enough effort I was initially willing to do. This ain't my day job, people!!! :)

Jim said...

Ok, due to SpaceJase... I've changed the pic slightly. Now stop nitpicking, I have work to do man!!!! :)

spaceJASE said...

heh - sorry man - just being funny.
she looks way better now - i'm gonna print this for my locker door!


I believe this movie is about Henry the 8th and the women in his life. She *may* play his wife - or his mistress... who knows, she'll be hot either way.

Jim said...

what's also funny is when I removed the BG people I noticed the hand on her shoulder/chest.... it bothered me too much to leave it so I quickly did the mirror cut/paste... and thought, "Man, that looks crappy... well, maybe no one will notice..." Then about 5min later, you posted your comment. Blast!!! Its good... it made me tweak it a bit which looks better in the end, I suppose. The fact that I did any of this has me worried for myself a bit, though.... mmmmmmm, locker door printout....

Anonymous said...

Oh I know!
Maybe you can paint in a sofa where you'll be sleeping tonight!

Jim said...

love you baby!