Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I usually hate tabloid bullshit and could really give a shit about celebrities - I truly despise the celeb worshipping in this country. Anyway, I do love it when the worst of the worst bratty wastes of space celebs begin their self-inflicted downward spiral into karmatic justice. Obviously, I've been enjoying Britney's downfall. It all began with God answering my prayers and sending down an angel in the form of Kevin Federline, who's almost single-handedly destroyed Britney by doing nothing more than being the dead beat loser he is (post on that). But he just got the ball rolling and Britney has taken over destroying her life; breakdown, shaving head, attacking people..... These past few weeks have been fucking awesome (mind you, I do not seek out info on her, but merely keep track of what makes it into the headlines).... Here's a rundown:
* Her embarassing VMA "Comeback" Performance in which she walked through the performance like a sedated out-of-shape lump. Wow, if you haven't seen it, you really should - its damn fine enterntainment.

* Couple days later, not only does her MANAGEMENT FIRM drop her, but her LAWYER does too!!

* A few days later, a Superior Court Commissioner ordered her to undergo random drug and alcohol testing twice a week due to evidence she engaged in “habitual, frequent and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol.”

* The NEXT day, she was photographed stumbling out of a Los Angeles club/bar hammered.

* Last week, she was charged with misdemeanor counts of hit and run and driving without a valid license. This was from when she smashed her car into another in a parking lot in August, apparently. If convicted - up to 6months jail time, baby!

* This week, failing to get a drug test and unable to show evidence of a valid California Driver's license, Britney has LOST CUSTODY of her 2 kids.
Oh man!
I know its bad karma to enjoy the misery of others, but come on..... Jesus himself is eating a big ole bowl of buttered popcorn enjoying this show! Don't judge....... Don't judge.


Lisa said...

When I saw the news headline for the loss of custody I KNEW you'd post that crazy bald-headed pic of her. 'Cause you're awesome like that.

allen etter said...

YES! YES! YES! SO glad this has happened...eating the popcorn myself...

Anonymous said...

My freind had a job driving cars-vans around way back when....One night he had the mouseskateers! (see skat in there?)So he later found out it was Brit. and the other waste of space whateeeeeeever and I told him he missed a prime opertunity...There's a wearhouse in S.E. D.C. with concertina wire all around it... a little man in a fez would gladly trade you big bucks for small white kids and no one in our hemisphere would ever see or hear them again! Damn missed opertunities!

Anonymous said...

I think that she's having a bipolar break. It's not uncommon for someone at her age. The drugs and alcohol just make it worse.

I hope that she doesn't off herself. Yes, she's annoying and vile, but that was the image thrust upon her by the Hollywood/Music machine and her stage mother.

She's very sick.

No, Mr. Legs is not the "Leave Britney alone!" tranny. But, I do have some empathy for people with mental illness.

Jim said...

jeez, way to bring down the mood, Mr Legs! Next you'll be with Mrs Otter saying Cell Phone Jammers are bad!! But joking aside, yes if she's actually mentally ill, then she needs the help she requires. Is she really mentally ill? I don't know. It seems like the normal Hollywood/Music Industry bullshit holier-than-thou above-the-law reallity-bends-to-their-will mentality to me. *shrug* But I think so much of this drama (popcorn!) is due to true self-made karma from years back. Also, I do NOT want to see this story end in tragedy (like say death)... just "Where Are They Now?" ironic justice.

Anonymous said...

correction. i said they COULD BE a bad thing, not they ARE bad.

boo, jimmy. boo! you no smash mrs. otter or mr. legs! don't make me jam your cell phone signal. i'll do it.

for the record, i dislike the media way more than i dislike anything b. spears has done. i don't care if she's not wearing underwear and her ass is hanging out.

now if, say, christian bale's ass is hanging out, i not only want to know, i want to see. but that's different.

Jim said...

heheheheh, I miss you two!