Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Over at YankieePotRoast, Wayne Gladstone has posted a nice PSA on Chlamydia with help from the Disney Princesses! Here's a taste:

What Is Chlamydia?

Snow White: Chlamydia is a lot like swallowing a poisoned apple transformed through magic by a witch. Except, instead of a poisoned apple, it’s more like bacteria living on dirty dwarf cock.

Cinderella: The Chlamydia bacteria can grow in the throat, vagina, penis, or absolutely anywhere on that whore “Sleeps-Around Beauty.” Oh, I’m sorry. I mean, Aurora.

Pocahontas: Chlamydia is the only thing I still have from John Smith.

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Anonymous said...

My friends opened a snow-ski, inline skate shop in Leesburg Va. in 95. I helped alot during construction etc. We ate pizza and fast food of the big burger chains had a childs meal with the Genie and some female characture with which I made a diaramma using a piece of dry wall which I pinned them to engaged in a sex act! It moved to excentuate the act they were portraying!

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too funny!