Friday, October 19, 2007


GENTLE GIANT has released some early pics of their upcoming STAR WARS busts, and I think they look pretty neat! The top one is a risque statue of DOOKU and Sith Tool ASAJJ VENTRESS (from the Clone Wars cartoon)... it's inspired from a cover of STAR WARS INSIDER. And like much of the stuff in the Clone Wars cartoon, I wish her story was in the live-action Prequels. This statue is kinda funky and I dig it in some ways, but really? When was Asajj ever romantically or sexually involved with Dooku? And did she wear thigh-high stockings with a garter belt? I didn't think so. I would have much prefered a statue of them two standing next each other BOTH being total bad asses. This is a bit too cheesecakey for my tastes - why not just have her sitting at his feet, showing off her cleavage? This isn't something I'd want on my shelf at home or office.The next 3 pics are statue busts of SHAAK TII (she was awesome in the cartoon!), ANIMATED STYLE PALPATINE, and geeky fanboy fetish fav AAYLA SECURA. I dig that Palpatine!

If you have NOT watched the CLONE WARS cartoon yet, I cannot recommend it enough! Yes, the prequels SUCKED, but these are really good and what you wanted to see from Lucas! Go rent em now!!!
Volume 1, Volume 2.


Anonymous said...

Damn. Based on these I'm too fat to be a jedi.

Anonymous said...

so say we all.