Friday, October 05, 2007


"You wanted to frighten us. We are frightened.
You wanted to show us that we are inadequate.
For the moment, I cry that! You wanted me to say, 'I need you.'
I need you!!" --Picard.
That's right, fellow Dorks.... you can now buy the ENTIRE SERIES of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION on dvd. Every single season, 49 freaking discs, all in one neat-o-torpedo package!!! However, there's no special stuff, like commentaries, episode listings, seat-belts, etc. It's set at a whopping $450, but Amazon has it for $305.

Me, I'm holding off for the complete ORIGINAL series to be made available.

Or I just may buy the uber-geeky-cool Tri-Corder set! And by "I", I mean "One of you JimSmash Readers".

Make it so.

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Anonymous said...

your on the top of my list for Christmas!
just as soon as I find this Bin Laden guy........won't be long now......................I think........