Wednesday, October 03, 2007


In the last year DOOMSDAY has been given the Animated Style treatment in action figure form. The one on the left is from last year's Target Exclusive JLA 6-Pack. JimSmash reader "P_K" sent it to me as a gift! (thanks again "P_K", whoever you are!). The one on the right just came out. It's part of the recently released "SUPERMAN VS DOOMSDAY" animated direct-to-dvd movie. Both look really cool for different reasons. I have the Left-One at home holding the animated Wonder Woman above his head. Don't ask me why... I was cleaning and rearranging and ran out of shelf space. So WW went there. Anyway, the one on the right I just picked up this past weekend. He's at work with me and looks freaking cooler than I originally thought when I bought him - the pic does not do him justice. Heh, "Justice".

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