Monday, May 15, 2017


Absolute badass! You know it!

Love the Sentry Guns!

All we need now is a deck of cards.

...and a partially-eaten donut!


Jeyl said...

Surprised there's no muzzle flash for the Sentry Guns given that both the Pulse Rifle and Flame Thrower come with one. Maybe Vasquez's muzzle flash from her smart gun will fit on these.

Also, the way the donut was placed in the movie, it always looked like it was oozing yellow puss. Eww!

Chris said...

Total nitpick, but I've always thought it odd that the hamsters are still alive in that scene. Surely they would have died of starvation, or the little fuckers would've eaten each other? Maybe Newt kept feeding them? Dunno, it's always bugged me. But, and more to the point, Alien Covenant, Jim? What are you saying? For me it was just more meandering bollocks from Mr Scott, but it didn't feel as totally insulting as Prometheus, it was just nothing new, and so really pointless. The Fass on Fass bit was quite enjoyable, but that was about it. Please, no more. You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be queuing up to watch the next one, though, hooked fucking in. Damn.

Jeyl said...

Chris: "but it didn't feel as totally insulting as Prometheus"

First Scott turned the Space Jockeys into humans, now he's making the Xenomorphs a creation of David, the Android... who was created by Humans. This effectively wipes away everything 'alien' about the ALIEN franchise.

Chris said...

Hi Jeyl, yes, I can see you're point. But it doesn't have all the awful religious over tones or aspirations to be seen as some intellectual work of art like Prometheus, it's a pretty basic movie, there's no pondering about the deeper meaning of what you're seeing. As per usual, alien pops out, runs about a bit, get despatched.

Might have wanted to preface your comment with 'spoilers' too, I've just realised the US doesn't get Covenant until the 19th. ;)