Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Ok, seriously Marvel - What the Fuck? You still havent' released an X-FACTOR OMNIBUS! Sure, you gave us those nice Essentials (thank you), but they're in black-and-white. I just need ONE big volume of the Simonsons' run; X-FACTOR VOL 1 #1-34. That's it. You can stop after #34 - that would complete the first big ARCHANGEL Chapter. Gimmie gimmie gimmie!

I don't need the other X-Factor stuff... well, unless we're talking about the current noirish MADROX era of X-Factor by Peter David... in that case, yes... YES, I need ominbuses of that, too... there's like 88 issues so far of that series, so you'd need to break it up up into atleast 3 Omnibus Volumes.... including the 'Madrox' mini-series.

Get to it, Marvel! I have money waiting to give you.


Anonymous said...

Do they even have a trade of that?

Jim said...

They have... 3... Essentials for Volume 1, but no Trades in Color.... except for the later Peter David run, with Havok, Polaris, Strong Guy, Rahne, etc on the team.

They do have trades & premiere HCs of the current Peter David series.

Anonymous said...

Wtf... Have they NOT put out original X-Factor trades... It's not like it was the return of Jean grey, or the debute of Apocolypse, and the origin of Death/ Dark angel or anything.... Seriously marvel, wtf is wrong with you?

Nahhhh,... We need Wolverine and Black cat trades...