Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Kickass! As a belated birthday gift, I just got Hasbro's new(?) STORM SHADOW in BLACK Ninja Garb! Hell yeah! (Although the card artwork could be better. Don't get me wrong, Black Storm Shadow squeezing one out is cool n' all....)

Why didn't they make this figure back in '83 when I wanted an epic fight of WHITE NINJA VS BLACK NINJA? Better late than never, I suppose. Now, does anyone have a totally rad backyard, preferably with both small creek & rock structures?

...oh, and check this out: His new bio says:
"STORM SHADOW can trace his family history through thirty generations of ninjas. He can scale sheer walls with bare hands and feet, move with blinding speed, and endure unspeakable hardship and pain. Qualified expert: Long bow; Samurai sword; Throwing stars; Nunchaku sticks; 8th degree black belt in five martial arts. As a high-ranking member of the elite and elusive Ninja-Ku clan, he is specially trained to blend with the shadows and slip past his enemies without ever being detected."
"Ninja-Ku clan" WTF?

His clan is actually called "NINJA"? And I thought its been well established he comes from the ARASHIKAGE clan - his real hame is Thomas S. Arashikage. (Arashi = "Storm" and kage = "shadow" in Japanese). So what's with this "He comes from the NINJA DISTRICT CLAN" crap?

* A "ku",conventionally translated as "ward", is a district in a large Japanese city.


Anonymous said...

ninja ku clan?? they make it souns like the ku klux klan.. well cuz od the ku ... hate it when they mess with things... sigh...

Bubbashelby said...

I used to have that exact back yard - but I just moved (not too far to end my outdoor shoots completely however!.)