Monday, April 06, 2009


Back in WOLVERINE #75 (1993), Marvel writers and editors decided to retcon Wolverine's claws so that he'd always had BONE CLAWS underneath the adamantium ones. What was once "surgically implanted" was now "surgically covered".

On one level it makes sense. On another level, it steps over previous established stories and Continuity. Fans are still divided and fight amongst themsevles, as is their nature.

A few years later, Marvel did another retcon of sorts, and released the mini-series "ORIGIN" where long-time readers were shocked to discover a young Logan was a rich, sickly kid. He was also the bastard child of the family's groundskeeper, "Mr. Logan", who may or may not have had claws, too.... oh, and apparently any other descendants will have claws, (sigh) like Logan's older once-dead brother John and Wolverine's newly discovered son Daken.... Blah blah blah.....

What was the point of this post again...???

Oh yeah - you can now buy Wolverine Bone Claws for yourself!
Here you go:
They run about $20 at toystores.

Now, I wonder if they'll make SPIDER-MAN BONE CLAWS you can wear! What, you didn't know Spidey had bone claws? "Spider Stingers" as they were called. Maybe you did know, but then forgot.... soon after dropping the comic. You can thank writer J.M. Straczynski for that piece of Spidey Mythos garbage.


Bubbashelby said...


I knew about (and am not particularly fond of) Wolvie's bone claws, but Spidey has (or had?) bone stingers?


Paging Dr. Freud...your client Marvel is here to see you.

Anonymous said...

yea,..Spidey had "claws", he could talk to insects, he was destined to become Spider-Man; not a blind, chance encounter that thrust responsibility and power (cough cough..) on a young boy who was taught good morals and ethics thru a loving aunt and uncle,..that's just plain silly and beside the point....And not only that,... he developed synthetic web shooters (like the movie) bc according to Marvel writers (condensed version) " when's the last time anyone has mentioned his web shooters in their stories??,..... and people are used to the movie version.."

_ uh and who's fault is that? not the reader's

- Marvel Writers at their best......

ps Gwen Stacy is a whore who sleeps with men her father's age.

oh man,...the good ole memories

Anonymous said...

no she is not a whore the writer at the time just decided that the readers would love it if she cheated on peter with norman and had kids and then was killed off .... as far as the spider bones thing go i still ould of liked at least some change to spidy but no... it all had to be the way it once was with brand new day.... (sigh) hence thats why im more into the Ultimate universe lol

Genevieve Lopez said...

Well, hey. Comics Is Crazy!

I assume this means that for Wolverine: Origins there will be bone-claws. I already saw the trailer with the little kid in the kickin' house, so I'm going to go on and add "sickly rich-boy" to the movie canon. Richie Rich with claws-- fun stuff!

I know Jim hates X-Men TAS, but I remember watching as a kid and Logan very specifically had the claws implanted during flashbacks. Does anyone know if this is TV writers lashing out, or if the show was just produced back before Wolverine #75 was written? I know TAS aired well past '93.

(in other news, word verification is "nufart" which I am not ashamed to admit I am laughing at)