Friday, January 23, 2009


Who's going to see it?

I rather enjoyed the previous 2.
(the 1st way moreso than 2nd... but the flying dude was rad!)

Low-budget, fun "comic book" movies.
Flawed? YES. But fun!

This one is a prequel.....
Vampires in "Medievel" armour fighting Werewolves?

I'm there.


Anonymous said...

You will have plenty of seats around you.

Jim said...

Hahaha, yes I probably will!

So far (Friday evening PST), RottenTomatoes has it ranked at 40%.... but not "all" reviews are in.

Underworld 1 was 29%

and Underworld 2 was 14%

Anonymous said...

Come see it for free on me this week! Actually, come see it with me because Bdawg won't come with.

dmarks said...

Lycan sounds too much like Lichen. You know, the scum that grows on rocks.

Great post on the Star Trek slot machine (an old post from May). I played this game last night.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dmarks,
Where did you play that slot at?
Haven't seen it in the last 3-4 vegas trips, like tracking a rare animal.


Anonymous said...

Wow, is Jim STILL at the movies? Did the Lycans get him?

Jim said...

Out really really sick.
(didn't get to see Underworld)