Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Here are some of the latest/upcoming MARVEL LEAD FIGURINES. I think I'll have to pick up CABLE, BLACK BOLT, PSYLOCKE, HERC, LEADER, QUICKSILVER, BLACK WIDOW, HAVOK... oh jeez, this is getting expensive.... MS MARVEL and MR SINISTER. (I already have the Spider-Woman)

The Black Widow looks like its taken from Black Widow #1 mini-series. Regarding Havok, it's a shame they went with the lame Austen/Larocca redesign. I wanted a classic Havok, damnit!

I'm really enjoying these figurines and must say they look killer on the bookshelf. It's hard not to buy them all. I hear DC is going to start making some. At first, I thought no problem, there's not many DC I'd want... let's see, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman... ok, the Justice League... Nightwing, the Batman Rogues Gallery, the Legionnaires... ah crap. If only I had more kidneys to sell.

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Frank Gillespie said...

What a load of... they're all Skrulls!