Monday, May 12, 2008


Last week, some new GIJOE pics were posted online; Heavy Duty, Storm Shadow, Destro and Baroness. Give the above image a click to enlarge and check em out.

JimSmash thoughts:
Heavy Duty... whatever. He was always a Roadblock copy, but with "street jive". I could care less about this character. But will say the black gear and gun work with him.

Storm Shadow... atleast they put a Ninja mask on him. But really, how hard is it to put him into a Ninja outfit?... with a red Cobra emblem on the chest!

Destro... this is fine if its him in his civilian garb... but I want to see him in the Destro getup!

And Baroness.... brown hair? They went to the trouble of putting her in wig, but didn't make it black? And where's the Cobra emblem, damnit?! Atleast she's wearing the black leather and sporting glasses.

Here are some JimSmash versions:
Black hair, red Cobra emblem, round glasses.
No Pilgrim belt buckle.
(with red Cobra emblem!)
---ya know.... DESTRO.



Anonymous said...

It is amazing how small, subtle changes make all the world. I love the JimSmash baroness! And I agree, why can't they put Storm Shadow in a white ninja costume? Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just noticed the Destro reflections in Baroness' glasses! SICK!!

Anonymous said...