Saturday, September 29, 2007



That's right, today JimSmash has been alive and kicking ass for 2 years!
So keeping with tradition, is the above pic of a Wookiee playing baseball
(1st post, Year 2 post).

Thanks to all the JimSmash Readers!
Here's to making YEAR 3 even BETTER!
*I was going to do a "Best of" post but am currently out of town at a Family event. No, its not a comic convention.... but look for that post sometime next week perhaps. Feel free to email me any of your favorite JimSmash posts since sept 29 of last year!


Jen said...

Thanks Jim
You're one of the first blogs
I check everyday

you rock

continue to rock on!

Cucumberslices said...

Thanks Jim. Your blog rocks! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh remember that post were you talked about something really geeky then bitched about it while throwing in an alien reference?

I think you should that one as one of your best posts.

Anonymous said...

your blog is lots of fun and @ 8:28, go War Eagles. big win!

allen etter said...

Always good fun here.

Homie Bear said...

Thanks for saving me from having to go to aintitcool, I always hated that place. You are way better. And the focus on Alien/s is great. So happy bloggiversary.

Andrew Glazebrook said...


Jim said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone! You guys make JimSmash that more fun and worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, JimSmash!
Wow, 2 years! Cool!
You're the first site I visit each morning! I also check back throughout the day! JimSmash Rocks! Keep up the good work, Jim!

Anonymous said...

JIMSMASH RULES!! Looking forward to year 3!! Keep smashing, Jim!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Jimsmash!