Monday, September 17, 2007

3:10 TO YUMA

We saw 3:20 TO YUMA this weekend. While I normally dislike the ideas of remakes and really don't care for RUSSELL CROWE, I couldn't help but like this movie through-and-through!

CHRISTIAN BALE, who has been a personal favorite for many years, is fucking awesome as usual. And Crowe didn't bother me, either (a rarity). BEN FOSTER owns the screen whenever he's up there, which was surprising after seeing his portrayal of Angel in X-Men 3 (not his fault, really). But yeah, Foster kicks ass! The entire cast is absolutely stellar, really.....ok, except for Luke Wilson who makes a horrible cameo; seriously, what was the casting director thinking?

Now, I'm praising this film but I must make the disclaimer that I have NOT seen the 1957 original. But it is next in my Netflix Queue! I don't want to spoil anything by reviewing any further. So I'll just say I loved the film and recommend it! Go see it!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I heard a review that said sadly most people will go and see this because of Russell Crowe, when it's Christian Bale who gives the best performance by far !!

Jim said...

Definitely! Bale is always a pleasure... Crowe is overrated, IMO. Bah!!!