Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This "Tribal Alien Tattoo" (as it was labeled), is taken from John Bolton's painted cover for the comic mini-series "ALIENS: EARTH WAR" by Dark Horse Comics (Issue #3, to be precise). A few things came to mind when I first saw this image. Here's a glimpse into Jimmy's mind:

1) "That's from John Bolton's painting for the cover of ALIENS: EARTH WAR #3."
2) "I really hated those stupid 'new' aliens in the book, that had the spikes coming out of the sides of their heads."
3) "Man, those 'new' aliens were stupid. Who would put one on their body?"
4) "Ah, it's giving us the finger. Classy. I hate rednecks."
5) "Let's not make snap judgments, please. This is clearly-clearly an important species we're dealing with here." --Burke from Aliens.
6) [Internal giggle at immediate Aliens quote-use in my mind].
7) "Man, I really hated those stupid 'new' aliens with the stupid spikes. Who came up with that idea? The writer? Sam Keith (interior artist)? Bolton (cover artist)? Editor? Stupid. Don't mess with perfection, damnit."

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Tell the truth,all these tatoo's you keep showing are actually on your body.

Jim said...

Ha! Please... my Alien tattoos would be much better than these... and NOT from Resurrection or fucking AVP! So far the only one I really like is the Mignola one... that I could see getting.....