Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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This is an ad for Mortein Rat Poison, by the ad agency Euro RSCG in Chile. The tagline is "MORTEIN. KILLS ALL RATS". Funny, but "The Last Supper" really refers to Jesus and how ONE will die at the table... not all of them. So really, this makes no sense. I guess they could have just had JESUS be the only rat in the picture, but that would have been in even more bad taste. Having JUDAS the only rat makes more sense, I suppose. Anyway, this is poorly thought out and seems to be done for the sake of shock value. But I liked the picture and it reminded me of The Rats of Nimh (from "Secret of Nimh") which was a topic of discussion yesteday for me. Love that movie! RENT IT TODAY!

It also reminded me of MOUSE GUARD, a terrific graphic novel!
I highly recommend it!

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