Tuesday, September 04, 2007



Five Fingers said...

This short lego stop-motion animation (The Rescue) is pretty good. Watch till the end for the best part.

Also, some kick-ass Imperial Stormtrooper and Alien sculptures here.

Do I post too many comments/links? Blog Stalker! Five Fingers

Homie Bear said...

Did you see these steampunk Stormtroopers and Aliens someone sculpted (blacksmithed??) in Dubai?


Homie Bear said...

Oops- I was a little late, sorry five fingers!

Jim said...

I've seen those metal SW and Aliens sculptures around for a few years now... I don't know if its the same person (don't think so) but a guy down on Venice Beach (CA) has been making similar ones for years now... with improvments along the way. At the San Diego Comic Con, someone was selling them, too (same people??). Normally I'd be all over it, but my insane purity of ALIEN always has me critiquing them... like "man, I wish the head was shaped more lik...." I know, its sad.

FiveFingers, I can't view the Rescue at the moment but will check at home on that computer. Is it the same one you sent before? The Indy lego trailer? Or a new one. I keep forgetting to post it, too. And no, you do not post too many comments/links. I love it when people chime in and also throw llinks my way!


Five Fingers said...

Thanks Jim. I'll still try to limit my stalki..ahh..er... posting.

Yes, the Rescue is the same link as before. Wouldn't have taken such a shine to it, except for the ending.