Friday, September 21, 2007


So WB is going ahead with a feature length JUSTICE LEAGUE movie.... all CG. In theory, this makes the most sense because you're not as limited by budget concerns - meaning if you're not going for photo real and dealing with live action plates, the sky's the limit more or less... meaning more super stuff for your buck! Anyway, today they announced that GEORGE MILLER will be directing the movie. Hopefully he'l be in his MAD MAX director's chair and not his HAPPY FEET director's chair.

Whatever the case, I think they should make the movie look like ALEX ROSS' art. Shit, bring Ross in as an Art Director, man! Below are some of his ridiculously-cool paintings of the JLA. Can you imagine a movie that looks like his art? IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!


Scott King said...

I lost all interest in the movie when it was announced way back when that it wouldn't be live action. In terms of animation I think Justice League Unlimited will surpass any CGI movie they try and there really isn't a point making the movie when it won't be anywhere near as good as JLU.

Jim said...

I couldn't agree more! Which is why, in addition to bringing on Alex Ross for look devel, they should hire the writers and directors of the JLU cartoon, which is quite simply the coolest comic-to-screen I've seen! Man, I can't believe they cancelled that show. Argh!!!!!!

DanO said...

*Alex Ross rant begins now*

Alex Ross' art strikes me colder than any other artist today. I honestly can't comprehend how his sterile, stiff, photo-defined images can be in such high demand.

i considered Boris Vallejo to be the "hack supreme" until Alex Ross came on the scene. i remember first seeing the fight scenes in "Kingdom Come", they are ...just.. pathetic. whats going on in those? its just a hodgepodge of figures with washed out lighting. pages and pages of that crap. the guy couldn't produce a compelling narrative if his life depended on it. with all the fanboy adulation heaped upon him he has never gotten better.

Alex Toth had the best opinion:

"too many cartoonists have fallen slave to photos — their work went dead, lifeless, like corpses or wax dummies, the faces and
figures drawn from photos! They posed for their own photos — the ‘Polaroid’-ers!
Photos used *them*, and not the reverse. Shame! I loathe Alex Ross well-painted but so redundant/boring/lifeless/stiff/pretty/non-continuity-savvy comic book art! Idiot savant — hasn’t learned a damn thing yet!”


Scott King said...

I feel like Alex Ross hasn't done that much in the past 10 years in terms of actual comics. Tons of posters, covers, statues and other junk... but only a handful of comics.