Friday, September 14, 2007


Hey! Click us to enlarge and get a better look!
Check out these sweet pics from Bob Burns' kickass ALIEN collection!! Man I envy Bob Burns, who has the largest Alien collection ever! One day my mantel will look similar to the above... one day...

I went ahead and labeled the heads in case anyone wasn't sure which one was from which movie. The first two incarnations are the best... then beginning with Alien3, they start to lose the Biomechanical elements which is essential in keeping the creature rad and
become "Pumpkinhead Aliens". Ugh.


Homie Bear said...

Do you have a room or somewhere where all your pieces are on display? Because that would be interesting to see your collection. You;ve got some cool stuff, judging from your posts.
My only really decent Alien(s) paraphernelia are the Starlog from 1986 with Sigourney on the cover, and the Official Aliens Movie Book.

Jim said...

Unfortunately, due to limited space, most of my stuff is in storage. I have all my books, comics, novels and magazines on my bookshelf. I also have my small statues on display....But most of my toys, models, replicas and odd misc things are boxed up just waiting for the day when my own personal ALIENS museum is created in my house.... if/when I ever get a house. :)

Maybe I'll take a pic of my displayed statues and post. :)

allen said...

I agree about the later Aliens and their look...the first was so slick and was almost as if they said, let's make it grungier and bumpy. The first ALIEN is still the greatest and was one of my first ever nightmares that I can remember having as a kid...well, there were earlier ones I remember, but this Alien guy shows up in my dream when I'm in my early teens and it scared the crap out of me!