Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Check out this new ARTFX statue depicting the "final" battle between Yoda and Palpatine from Episode III. While some of the scenes were cool (Palp Force-throwing senate seats), overall I've never liked seeing Yoda flip around kung-fu-frog style, wielding a tiny lightsaber. It's just silly to me and damages the beloved character I fell in love with in Empire.

Anyway, here's the statue and it looks pretty cool, nonetheless. I think if the bottom of Palp's robes were open a bit and pulled back revealing his feet and some leg, he's look more sinister, dramatic and threatening. Yoda looks fucking dramatic. I also had issues with how he looked in EPIII... like Norman Bates' mother.

Oh, and I made the pic borders blue in honor of Sith Lightning. Sometimes, its the little things....

The statue is available for pre-order HERE. $175.
*thanks, Five Fingers!

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