Thursday, March 22, 2007


SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC, the late president of Serbia and butcher of the Balkans, has been vampiricly exorcised. Nearing the first anniversary of his death, which is a significant date in the Vampire Hunter's Almanac, some self-proclaimed VAMPIRE SLAYERS have impaled the dead dictator's corpse with a 3ft spike to ensure he would not rise from the grave as the Undead. MIROSLAV MILOSEVIC (no relation) said he "struck at the witching time of night when churchyards yawn" which is when the Undead, buried for less than a year, climb out of their graves and prey on the living. Miroslav turned himself into the Authorities immediately after the staking. Slobodan's daughter-in-law is filing charges.
*Slobodan Milosevic died last year from a heart attack in prison while awaiting trial for his genocidal war crimes against Humanity.

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