Thursday, March 29, 2007


This is an encounter I just had on my lunch break.
It involved a homeless guy.
He looked like the pic above.
HOMELESS GUY: Hey, man... do you have 18-cents?

ME: Sorry, man... I don't have any change or cash on me today. (truthfully)

HOMELESS GUY: about a blowjobbb?

ME: [to coworker] er, is he asking me for a blowjob, or asking to give one?

COWORKER: For 18-cents, its a bargain either way!


Anonymous said...

seriously, couldn't have thrown my uncle a bone or something.....geeez...........and you calll yourself "liberal"

Jim said...

Read that post again... I never said I didn't help him with his request.

You conservatives.... always jumping in quickly without all the facts.


Anonymous said...

would it have made a difference if i had shaved?
internet homeless assemble!!!