Monday, March 26, 2007


Lately, while using the Internet, THREE things have been scraping on my exposed nerves.....

1) DANCING SILHOUETTE CHODES. Those fucking goddamn dancing silhouettes. You know the ones. I want to grab those people by the neck and throttle until I hear a "pop!".

2) DUMB REALITY BULLSHIT. You know those lame "Reality YouTube" dumb shit clips used in hopes to make my stupid mind think its cool and then buy whatever shit they're selling. Perfect example, the current video clip of the girl dancing at her desk, then turning around in embarrassing shock that her coworker is there recording her. It's a stupid video, but it's "Real". What's this ad for? A MORTGAGE something... I dunno, I didn't read the whole thing because the ad annoyed me so much, I stopped reading the info on principle.

3) NEW POP-UP ADS. Pop-up Ads used to be super fucking annoying. OK, they still are, but now we have things like "pop-up blocker" and such. Unfortunately a new mutant of annoyance has emerged. These new Pop-Up Ads appear imbedded IN the page you're looking at. For me its usually ads for movies, world news and goat porn, because those are the sites I frequently visit. The killer is (and maybe this is a LINUX issue) the fucking ads pop up and STAY. I can't get rid of em! So instead of reading some fantastic interesting thing to potentially post about, I'm staring at an annoying ad covering the article... or even the LIST of articles to read. You JimSmashers are the true victims here.

oh, and with me, the advertising has backfired: I'm so annoyed by that stupid "REIGN OVER ME" movie ad, I've decided I will never see it on principle.

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