Monday, March 19, 2007


Yay Coffee Table Books!

Two books I picked up last week and love:

This book rocks! It covers just about every Metal band of "noted significance"(plus some!) and is written by a fan with pure passion and knowledge of the history. Its a great read chock full of awesome info, tidbits and oodles of colorful pictures (reading not necessary!). Plus, its just a fun (and funny) read if you so choose to read some. I highly recommend picking this up. It's only $20!

This is the art of John Howe, who's best known for his Lord of the Rings paintings. Page after page of great Fantasy paintings! I love fantasty artwork but tend to think about 95% of the shit out there is just that. Before all the D&D, Warcraft, Magic and general Fantasty fans grab their armor and sword replicas to attack me, remember I'm not a "fantasy guy" myself. Besides, those guys probably already have this book and others of his work. No, this is a recommendation for all those other fantasy lovers like me! And, its only $9 at Barnes & Noble right now... hardcover, too! Look for it in the discounted area.

So pick these up and put in your JimSmash Section in your home library!

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