Thursday, March 15, 2007


According to the NYDailyNews, JAKE GYLLENHALL may be cast as CAPTAIN MARVEL in the "SHAZAM!" movie. They also say director Peter Segal is trying to grab him before Sam Raimi does for SPIDERMAN 4 (since Tobey is done with the ole webhead). New Line is pushing for a $200 million budget on Shazam. I don't HATE the idea of Gyllenhall as Captain Marvel... until I start thinking about it, then he's all wrong for the character. Maybe as Marvel Jr.... But in terms of the "Tim Burton Michael Keaton Batman" approach, then he could be cool in a Hollywood version of Shazam. Still, why not just look at ALEX ROSS' Captain Marvel and do THAT?! Sigh, why must I always be so frustrated? (that's rhetorical!!!!)
1) I posted quickly and hastily before (as I normally do), but the more I thought about it and the more my coffee woke me up, the more I don't like GYLLENHAAL as Cpt Marvel. I think the reasons are obvious and I apologize to all comic fan JimSmash readers for scaring you like that. I seriouly have no idea what the fuck I was typing.

2) Writer/Producer JOHN AUGUST of the upcoming movie said this regarding the casting rumor, "It's ridiculous to talk about casting this early. And honestly, frustrating. While I love me some internet, it's annoying that one fanboy's random speculation gets amplified into a "rumor" that can never really be beaten down. Just my saying this will probably show up as "August confirms..." or "August denies..." when the truth is I'm saying nothing, because there's nothing to say. Casting has come up exactly zero times in all meetings to date. And Billy Batson is not shaving, if that helps."

3) On August's blog, he posted:
"What’s unique about the character is that in ordinary life, he’s teenager Billy Batson. Speaking the name of the wizard who gave him his powers (Shazam) calls down a magic thunderbolt, transforming him into the studly superhero. But he’s still a teenager in there."Captain Marvel is a superhero roughly as powerful as Superman, minus the heat-vision and cold breath. If this to you sounds, “Like Big, but with superpowers,” then congratulations! You now understand Hollywood."
Haha, awesome.


Lisa said...

Ugg... I think he's a bad choice.

Mr. Legs said...

Henry Rollins?


Jen said...

I think he'd be
a good spiderman

who is JimSmash's
choice for casting SHAZAM?

Jim said...

I agree that Gyllenhaal would make a good Peter Parker/SPiderman. During the initial casting for Spiderman 1, he was one of my choices. So I hope he's cast for Spidey4.

As for who I'd cast for a Shazam movie... man, that's really difficult. Its like casting Superman... nearly impossible. I really love Alex Ross' version, so I would want to see someone who looks the part and can act.

Lisa said...

Technically they SHOULD have two actors, Billy and Shazam. maybe....and that's a BIG maybe, I could see Jake as Billy, but not Shazam, and personally I think that someone younger than Jake would be better for Billy.

Side note - read Jeff Smith's Shazam, Monster Society of Evil - it's GREAT.