Friday, March 23, 2007


I always thought CAPTAIN BRITAIN was a cool character, yet I've never seen him handled in a way that made me a big fan. He's basically Superman and Captain America rolled into one, more or less, and is England's main superhero (atleast in Marvel's Universe, which is an AMERICAN comic company). There's also some stuff about Camelot in there, but I won't go into it (mainly cause I don't know since I'm not an avid CB reader). Like I said, he looks cool and has lots of potential. Maybe one day he'll be the cool hero I want him to be. But until then, YOU can be Captain Britain!!! Simply print and cut out this here fancy schmancy Captain Britain MASK and you're set to run around and do good in your community.... and impress the Ladies!
(Dylan, I expect to see you wearing this at the Store)
*You can currently read of Captain Britain's new adventures in the pages of NEW EXCALIBUR, a monthly comic by Marvel. There's also collected books available - Book 1 has them fighting against funky twisted versions of the Original X-Men with cool art by Michael Ryan! Ask your local comic store or Lisa if you're interested. They can also recommend other CB stories, I'd imagine.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I used to have that mask when the comic first came out,it was cool and I made a staff from a rolled up newspaper !!

Jim said...