Friday, March 30, 2007


Hey, anyone remember the "SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN" and "BIONIC WOMAN" Re-Teamup in 1989's made-for-tv movie "BIONIC SHOWDOWN?" It involved a new Bionic teenager assistant (the next gen of bionics) and a villainous cyborg bent on world domination. I remember the new teen had a different "bionic speed effect" - instead of the slow mo with cool audio, she ran in spedup motion (er, I think) and had trippy colored tracers. So, anyone remember seeing this? Well today I discovered that young "Bionic Teen" was non other than SANDRA BULLOCK. Weird.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I think Bionic Hoedown would be better !

Anonymous said...

So then you weren't getting any of those bionic bullock jokes I've been throwing at you for years?
If I remember right, she didn't even have bionic limbs; unable to walk, they put microchips throughout her body.lame!!
But wait, there's more. Remember when the son of the 6 million $ man was in like, the exact same accident as his father and got a cool laser eye? boy howdy, i sure do!