Monday, March 12, 2007


For those of you keeping track (or not), Gas in the U.S. has gone up 20-cents in the past 2 weeks. Here in L.A. its above $3 for Regular. Here's a chart tracking gas prices (US) since 2002.


Lisa said...

Hmmm... summer must be coming. But it does look like they're getting an early start - 2.5 months until Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

a year ago, there were so many people in congress complaining about this,...what happend??? did they just finally bend over and accept the inevitable,....Do they realize that there's nothing to be done besides drill for new oil,..make new refineries, or miraculously come up with an alternative to be implimented imediately? where is the outrage from a year ago??

Cucumberslices said...

Up in Canada here it's about $3.65 a gallon where I live!