Thursday, March 22, 2007


A gossip magazine is saying not only is there going to be a LOVE INTEREST for SPOCK in the next JJAbrams' helmed STAR TREK Reimaging... but that JENNIFER GARNER may be the Vulcan's babe. This is a RUMOR from a GOSSIP mag, so take it for what its worth... however, this isn't isn't the first time I've heard of the "Spock Love Interest".... It goes without saying he shouldn't have one (he's a VULCAN), but it saddens me that so much shit has been spewing out of Hollywood for so long, its easy to imagine them doing this. What bothers me even more, is there's probably a large amount of people going, "I think that sounds great!". Those are the people that are slowling putting me into the grave.
*Kudos to those JimSmash nerds who got the subject heading!


Mr. Legs said...

Spock is half human though...and his daddy fell for a hot earth chick...

The Pon Far (sp?) makes the Vulcan blood boil after all...why not for Jennifer.

(p.s. I hate Jennifer Garner. She is a terrible actress.)

Jim said...

Because it contradicts everything that happened in the Show, buster!

Anonymous said...

Q: what's a vulcan like in bed?

A: out of this world.


A: serious and to the point.


A: spockcockrock.

i just made that up. is that funny? i don't know. i can't believe i typed that last one. you got a better answer?

Anonymous said...

mr. legs my freind,'s bc of thinking like that, that we get shitty comic book movies........

-it's just called "knowing the scource material"

-but I still love ya