Tuesday, September 19, 2006


"Brothers don't shake hands... Brothers HUG!!!!"
Off the top of my head,
my Top 11 Favorite Sci-Fi TV Shows:

* Twilight Zone
* Star Trek
* Battlestar Galactica ('70s)
* Planet of the Apes
* V
* Star Trek: Next Generation
* Quantum Leap
* Alien Nation
* Farscape
* Firefly
* Battlestar Galactica (2000+)

What are yours?!!

Note: I have not seen V since I was 9yrs old.


Amy said...

V was pretty awesome.

I also enjoyed Battlestar Galactica as a kid, but can't remember much about it.

I liked Buck Rogers a lot, too.

I need to se Firefly, because I loved Serenity.

Jim said...

Honorary Mentions:

Buck Rogers
Highway Man
6Million Dollar Man
Bionic Woman

Scott King said...

Didn't feel "Stargate SG-1" or "X-files" made the cut?

I've never been a fan of "Star Trek" so I'm glad only "next gen" made your list. I'm also glad you left off "Bablyon 5" I hated that show and never got why people liked it.

Jim said...

I could never get into Stargate.
I considered X-Files but it was only good for the first few season, I felt. I guess I could have included it on the "Honorary Mentions" list, but forgot.

Mr. Legs said...

1. Doctor Who
2. Other World
3. Farscape
4. Star Trek TNG
5. V
6. Taken
7. Battlestar Gallactica
8. Buck Rogers
9. Small Wonder
10. ALf

Rod Renegade said...

Pre mid-80's as a kid I liked:

1. Star Trek
2. Lost in Space
3. Battlestar Gallactica ('70s version)
4. 6 Million Dollar Man
(esp. Russian Venus Probe episode)
5. Doctor Who (Tom Baker)
(WOR-TV actually aired it on Saturday mornings)
6. Planet of the Apes
7. Twighlight Zone
8. Buck Rodgers
9. Space 1999

(not much else was on then)

Does Mork and Mindy count as Sci-Fi??

Are Sci-Fi cartoons a whole 'nuther genre..? How about kid shows... speaking of which... 50pts to whoever can name what series the "Dorse" was in... no points for googling.

Jim said...

darnit, I totally intended to post "Excluding Cartoons" because that will be another list.

Same with comedies.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

01) Doctor Who
02) Blake's 7
03) Saphire and Steel
04) Space 1999
05) The Avengers
06) Captain Scarlet (Old & New)
07) Star Trek:TNG
08) Star Trek
09) The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
10) Spaced

she-ra ! said...

1) Man in Space (circa 1955 - very awesome)
2) Twilight Zone
3) Outer Limits (Twilight Zone but more edgy)

Rod Renegade said...

Yes, Hitchhikers would certainly be on my larger list too - as well as:

"V" (the first series)
Alien Nation
Quantum Leap
"The Darkside" and "Outerlimits"
and all the later Star Treks

I guess my problem is - even the cheesy Sci-Fi is watchable

Geez, maybe there ought to be a "completely unwatchable" category - because I even watched Enterprise with the same attention that one might give a student or amateur film.