Monday, September 18, 2006


Question I overheard today:
"Have you seen ALIEN 2?"

Grrrrrrr, it's ALIENS!!!! Sheesh!!
Seriously, I know its insane, but that really bugs me.

And no, I did NOT go over and correct the person. I'm not THAT bad. I did, however, instant message Melchy to bitch. Hahaha!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

That's like calling 'Star Wars' A New Hope !! It's friggin 'Star Wars'

Jim said...

I will say, however, that I will often call it "A New Hope" simply because I know I'll have to clarify immediately after..... but I shall go back to my original wording.... you have reinspired me, andrew! haha

Even worse, though, I've heard people call it "Episode 4" - punishable by death, I think.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Yeah I only call it 'A New Hope' if I'm explaining it to someone who's too young to remember when it was just this movie called 'Star Wars'.

I hated the way that Lucas renamed 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' to 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark' on the DVD release,Spielberg however wouldn't let him change the title on the actual film,good for Steven that's what I say !! :)

Chill out said...


just like it's "Batman and Robin",

Not Batman 4...

Rod Renegade said...

So is it "Wrath of Khan" or Star Trek II... or both?

maker said...

it is acceptable to say to non-informed;

"STAR WARS - a new hope"
"STAR WARS - the first one"
"STAR WARS - the original"

and on a side note,'s
(full title)

Jim said...

How dare you speak of Batman and Robin here! BE GONE!!!!


Jim Smash Army said...

Hey, Chill Out....]

You must be new here (welcome!) because that's just Jim's "absurd angry humor".

Sorry, Jim... I know you can "defend" yourself, but us Jim Smashers are loyal and protective! LOL

chill out rulz! said...

Isn't humor suppose to be funny though?

Anyway.. mr. smash needs to stop wasting time posting to appease all you folks, so he can get his work done on time..

to help a certain someone.. move a certain pinball machine.

Jim said...