Monday, September 18, 2006


Why do people who love
with Steve Carell REFUSE to watch the ORIGINAL British version? I enjoy the American version, too, but the British version is leagues funnier!! Come on, people!! There's room for both! Its made by the SAME people, for crying out loud, so its similar in humor... just way funnier... so the "well, I don't like British humor" doesn't apply here.

Ok, everyone who hasn't seen it, I am ordering you to rent/buy the British version this week and watch it. Why deny yourself one of the funniest TV shows EVER?!!!
Note: The American version's 1st episode was a recreation of the British version's 1st episode. After that, the two shows are different.... yet similar. heh.


Lisa said...

I'll bet it's hillarious! I didn't realize it was colleced on DVD. Not sure when I'd have time to watch it, but once I figure that out I'll have to check it out. said...

Now here's the thing Jim....I'm gonna need ya to go ahead and come on in on Sat. and OH yea I'll need ya to go ahead and come on in on Sun too...OH "Office Space"?...Oh "The Office"?...OH never mind.....