Friday, September 29, 2006


My first Smash for Year 2 begins now! Tony Stark will be played by ROBERT DOWNEY JR in the Iron Man movie. Wow, I really didn't see that one coming! I don't think he'll put in a bad performance, its just I have a difficult time seeing him as TONY STARK. His acting style, karisma and general nuances simply do not fit the character. I hate to admit it, but Tom Cruise would make a perfect Tony Stark. Not that I'd want him cast (he's always just "Tom Cruise" instead of a character... plus he's a crazy whacko), but the look, charm and attitude is Tony Stark. However, I remember saying, "WHAT?! Michael Keaton is Batman?!" and he ended up doing a great job as far as I was concerned - not the Batman/Bruce Wayne of the comics, but still a unique, good job. Ok, that wasn't a very good Smash, was it? Don't worry, I'm sure something will come along soon that will piss me off - it always does. heh


Mr. Legs said...

Now that he's cleaned up his life, I hope this role brings him back into a positive spotlight. He's really a terrific actor and I'm so glad they didn't cast a 21 year old. I love it when Hollywood pulls a wild card. Restores a bit of faith.

spaceJASE said...

He ought to be really good at "method acting" an addict since in real life he is/was one. If he can be a suave playa, it'll be all good.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I think he's an inspired choice !