Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The hardest part of Bush's job?

Click here to watch.


...j... said...

Wow.....another out of context quote....must be hard to find those given todays media....bastards.

Just messin with you jim......I love america...I love the contrast! It makes it POP!

Jim said...

I love America, too.
That's why I don't like Bush and his policies.

Curious, tho, how was it out of context (serious question, don't read anything into it)?

Anonymous said...

It seems like this would be the easiest part of his job being there is a terrorist attack in Iraq everyday.

It looks like the media has done a good job separating what Al Qaeda does in Iraq from what Al Qaeda does in the rest of the world. I guess a "Global War on Terror" includes every country but Iraq.

I had to jump in on this one.

Love ya Jimbo!

...j... said...

The video insinuates that actually connecting Iraq to the war on terror is a hard part of his job. That his JOB is connecting the two. HIS JOB!! Ok this is where the out of context part comes in. Follow me here.

His JOB (as in JOB description) is NOT connecting the two, his job is President of the United States. Being that we do not know what question he was asked nor the CONTEXT of the conversation we are unable to determine the true intent (how he intended it to be UNDERSTOOD) of his statement.

PLEASE!! Tell me that you follow me....if you do not it will absolutely explain allot about how the Presedent, politics, and every other F$%#ing subject becomes distorted in today’s MEDIA. They LOVE OUT OF CONTEXT... LOVE IT!!!! Because it allows them (Media) to manipulate and skew any phrase they see fit.

Simple logic.....it is impossible to uncover the meaning of an open ended phrase with out first examining the context in which it was said. I can not explain this any clearer......that video clip was OUT OF CONTEXT!!!!

Anonymous said...

the al queda in iraq is not the same al queda that attacked us on 9/11. the one in iraq was formed by al-zarqawi and AFTER the US invasion of Iraq, zarqawi CHANGED the name of his terrorist organization to al queda and asked bin laden's blessing, which he gave. so there is still no connection between 9/11 and Iraq. Everyone seems to understand this except bush supporters (bush himself has even finally said so). But I guess any form of terrorism is immediatley grouped in with al queda.

while the clip was intended (I asssume based on the thousands of prior posts by Jim) a poke of fun, there is no denying that bush and his administration has, for the past 3plus years, been blurring the connection between Iraq and 9/11. So the clip still holds SOME validity.

I know this isn't as important as a president lying about getting a blowjob, but I still think its important and relevant. Stop the bipartisan fighting, america! You do not have to choose sides. I hate bush's policies, that does not mean I love the democrats. when did this country see everything in black and white? stop defending a horrible administration. you're a republican? fine, but support a republican that can do the job right. ("You" being anyone, not anyone in particular or anyone who posted a comment here). Blind loyalty is dangerous.

Jim said...

Yeah, I follow you and I understand the concept of "out of context". come on, you know me - I'm not an idiot. I was inquiring about what was in the rest of the speech based on your first comment, that's all. Rereading my question, I totally miscommunicated that in my choice of working (sorry, I was at work and typed fast).

Look, I'm not a fan of Bush. I think he's doing a horrible job. This isn't a democrat vs republican thing, its an opinion on his policies and handling of the presidency. If a dem or liberal was doing the same thing, I'd be here saying the same thing.

And the "Global War on Terror" seems to be JUST IN Iraq. Where is Osama Bin Laden? Why did Bush pull resources away from Afganistan and finding him to push into Iraq so quickly? (which he did) I think these are legit questions. It doesn't have to be one or the other, with or against.

And I post stuff here for fun and to let off some steam. It is not my intent to make this blog a political hotbed of arguing. My fault for posting. If you want to get into it, we can get into it, but let's do it by phone or email.

And the media does suck, BOTH SIDES.

I've seen this topic spiral out of control into dark areas before ... lets not do that.

Love ya all!

Anonymous said...

Very good point. The Al Qaeda's aren't the same, and I didn't mean to imply they were. Your right, I used AQ as a generic term to describe the dirt bags that blow themselves up along with as many other innocent civilians as possible.

I understand the desire to get caught in the semantics of trying to define these people. But Terrorism is Terrorism. The killing happening in Iraq, London, Spain, Israel, Russia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United States just to name a few is disgusting.

The only blind loyalty here is to America and my family. The fact that these “Terrorist” have sworn an oath to kill anybody not committed to Islam, and has declared war on the U.S. is enough for me to want them ALL dead. I don’t want to understand them, negotiate with them, or find a name that suits them. They’re all pigs, and I’m glad somebody has the balls step up and fight back. Democrat or Republican; Kill the Terrorists! That means anywhere they live and breathe.

...j... said...

Jim your the man!

Sorry if I came off bitchy...The quote was just out of context...what context ahhh who knows....

Not your fault for posting man not at all!! Its your blog/brain and I totaly dig it....I design all day long...drawing pictures all day sets your mind on the right side. Which I think casues whips to the left.

Jimsmash is so fun to read and dig....no more political crap from me...please keep posting your mind....this is your outlet and I will be damned if my rants cut into your steam blowing.. blow away bro I love it. I APOLOGIZE for condesending in any way ....I know you know whats up.

Oh I am in chicago for a show and was replying as fast as you were I am sure. Peace man keep the goodies coming. I was out of line. wurd!

Jim said...

b, I'm with you. I think everyone is with you. Protect America, protect our families. Destroy these muther fuckers. Death is too good for them. My issue (and many others) is that the approach and handling of the wrath against them is being poorly handled by our president. That's all. Where's Captain America when you need him? I think its time for you to don the suit and shield, b-love! Captain Fordioni, baby!

Jim said...

No worries, ...j...
It's very easy to get caught up in the debate. Its also easy to be misread when all we have is our quickly typed text. Thanks for the praise, support, apologies and clarifications. Back at you. It's all good, bro.