Thursday, September 14, 2006


Holy Fuck! Mel Gibson's upcoming rad movie APOCALYPTO is going to rock. It's set at the end of the Mayan Civilization and will be entirely spoken in the actual language of the time (with English subtitles, ala Passion of the Christ). Sweet! I've been PRAYING for movies like these for decades!!!

Notice the lack of White Americans/Europeans! Notice the lack of white dude who falls in love with the hot native chick! God I'm so sick of the cliche Pocahantas story. Seriously, every time they make a "period piece" about another culture outside of American/European, they HAVE to throw in atleast one White dude to be the main focus. Last of the Mohicans... Last Samurai... all with the hero main character a white dude. WTF? Grr. Why can't they just make a Samurai movie that's JUST JAPANESE actors? Or an Native-American movie... ah, you get my point. Are we, as Americans, in America the melting pot, that closed off from other people and cultures that in order to empathize with another person, they have to be Christian White and English speaking? Ok, rant over....

I can't wait for this movie! I love the fact its going to be spoken in a dead language and subtitled! "But I don't like to read!" Bah, go watch an Adam Sandler movie.

This is so refreshing I want to cry.
Thank you, Mr Gibson! I hope more movies are made like this!

Click here to watch.


...j... said...

Could not agree with you more!!

You here is my my formula for watching subtitled moves....just plan to watch it at least twice. First time read it and soak up the story. Second time soak up the movie.

Anonymous said...

We're actually a mosaic with an overabundance of white tiles!

Anonymous said...

not so much as white,..than penis pink.........