Monday, September 25, 2006


Back from the Wedding!
Here's a synopsis/highlight list of the weekend:

* Awesome wedding in Kansas! (please hold all Oz jokes, thanks)
* War Eagle!!! - Groom & Fam are
Auburn Tigers! Crazy!!!
* AU beats Buffalo (shocking) - and Alabama gets beat by Arkansas! Eat it, Bama.
* Sonic Drive Thru at 12:30am - I wish Sonic was in LA.
* Cracker Barrel - Biscuits & Gravy and a Pecan Log to go! haha
* David Hasslehoff - at the airport
* Safe landing in LAX, sleep rest of day (and hangover) off.


...j... said...

Killer man sounds like a good least I know you were in good company. Can I get a WAR EAGLE!!!?

Don't miss Thursdays game on ESPN AUBURN VS South more opportunity to kick Spurriers assssss! So you know its going to be good...So break out the shakers!!

I bet these NON Southern folk are like dang, why's he keep posting about football!!....hahaha…..Loving the south!!

...j... said...

HA! Just noticed that is a pic of the SONIC menu......hahahahahha!!!