Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Marvel has no dignity. They sell out their properties to anyone with a paycheck. Why not instead say "Hey, these are our characters. You want to use them, there are some rules and guidelines that cannot be changed." But no, instead they sell out their characters and we get such diarrhea films as Hulk, Fantastic Four, Daredevil and Elektra. The newest abomination and slap in the face? THOR starring John Travolta's nephew Rikki Lee Travolta. First, if your name is "Rikki Lee" you and your parents must be destroyed for being the douchebags that you are. Second, look at this chode! Are you telling me he's the one guy that beat all the other possible choices to be the NORSE GOD OF THUNDER, SON OF ODIN? Please, he looks like an illegitimate love child of Fabio and Gary Busey.
Argh, JIMSMASH!!!!!!!!


Mr. Legs said...

Looks like those opposed to Xenu signed the check that puchased Thor... Those pesky religious zealots who have been cleared of the dark lord's bountiful body Thetans! Travolta! Indeed!

Xenu wouldn't approve. Xenu likes comic movies to stay true to their paperback origins.

Long live Xenu!

Jen said...

Love child of Fabio and Gary Busey.

breonala@yahoo.com said...

DUDE!!!! You said GARY BUSEY!!!!!