Monday, March 27, 2006


Leonardo DiCaprio is an idiot. Why? Because he is selling his Star Wars collection. Click here to see and bid. What the hell is he thinking? He must have gotten a new girlfriend. They tend to make your cool stuff disappear quickly.


Ali said...

HEY NOW!!! Watch it! Only if they have UNCOOL girlfriends!!!

Jim said...

I knew I'd catch some heat for that one! But you are correct, Ali. Only the UNCOOL ones make the stuff go away....but even then...

T-Rex is super accepting of all my geek crap and even supports my addiction to a degree.But even she has her limits! haha

There are always exceptions. That's why you and T-Rex are so awesome!! :)

Lisa said...

We always joke here at the store about how women and babies kill our business. Thank goodness there are some women out there who realize, or at least accept, the coolness of the geek!